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Posted By Topic: Adding to ripple control

Nov 03 2018 14:05

Hello there, first time poster long time reader.

I have a customer who has asked if I can add his pool pump to the ripple control which is currently just doing their hot water cylinder.

Is this allowed?

Nov 03 2018 16:05

Electrically, there is no prohibition against it, but it is the network\'s call as to what can be connected. Usually connection is limited to fixed connections, ie no plugs and sockets.

The problem will be if the pool owner wants the pump to run outside of rippled on hours as well, which is what the networks are trying to avoid. The compliant solution there is two pumps, one on the night ripple, the other on normal feed.


Nov 03 2018 16:11

Have your customer (or do it yourself on customers\' behalf) contact their retailer to establish whether they will allow it.


Nov 03 2018 20:41

I contacted my lines company and retailer about 5 years ago about the same thing. They weren’t worried at all. I was lucky at the time they were replacing the meter so I upgraded the cable from the meter through the ripple relay at the time.

Nov 04 2018 11:17

Make sure there is a label attached to explain it to maintenance guys in future.
I spent some time tracing an \'intermittent fault\' where the tenant said sometimes the fridge worked and sometimes it didn\'t.
Turned out the socket was looped to the water cylinder connection and switched off at load shedding times!