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Posted By Topic: Telecom installs

Nov 03 2018 17:19

Who is permitted to install conduits for telecom fibre from the boundary to a domestic house? Customer telling me that only a licensed electrician is allowed to.

Got me thinking, where are the rules for this stuff?

Nov 03 2018 17:49

a fibre tube is in no way shape or form electrical, so from a legal standpoint anyone could, but the fibre company may have one of their own rules that some one they nominate should install it.

Nov 03 2018 18:12

Chorus don\'t appear to care who installs conduit:

>>> The Chorus network is typically built to the boundary of your property and you, your builder or electrician will need to lay green telecommunications pipe from the boundary to the location of the external termination point (ETP) on the house.

>>> If your current phone and broadband is provided aerially, but you would like your fibre installed underground, you can either ask your broadband service provider to place an Overhead to Underground (OHUG) order for us to do the work at your cost, or our technician will let you know where the trench needs to be dug if you would like to complete this work yourself.


Nov 04 2018 00:29

The bundles sold at wholesalers seem to have warnings suggesting that you must be Chorus approved (might even have said Telecom approved...) to buy them.

No evidence of that being enforced, though.