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Posted By Topic: Periodic Verification Of Caravan park

Nov 05 2018 16:35

Hi Guys I have been asked by a Caravan park manager if I can carry out the periodic verification of their service pillars as required every 5 years. It was my understanding that I can do this as a licensed and registered electrician. However the inspector (now retired) who used to do this for them has told them that they must get an electrical inspector to do this. I can find nothing that states that it must be done by an electrical inspector. Am I missing something? Worksafe are unable to clarify this any more than point me to ESR 75 (1) and (2) which from my reading states that as I am authorised to asses my own work then I can carry out the PV. I should add that I also do work for this camp site, so maybe they should get an inspector in at $100 per hour to do the PV just so that there is a second pair of eyes on the site. Customer won\'t like their rate though.

Nov 05 2018 18:07

Chocolate fish - you have found the error in the regs. ESR 75(2) is supposed to read \"...authorised to inspect prescribed...\". The find and replace legal writers clicked replace once to often with this reg unfortunately.

Caravan Park PV needs to be completed by an inspector sorry.