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Posted By Topic: site manager insists it\'s my job to hook up A/C

Nov 06 2018 19:48

I have a site where the site manager insists that it\'s my job to hook the heatpumps into the boards,brand new houses they did the cabling, and everything else.
I\'ve not seen them
I\'ve not talked to them
I\'ve not seen any paperwork, coc esc or anything
As i often do, I posted something on here so they can see a third parties opinions thanks folks, then I send them a link

Nov 06 2018 19:58

Obviously you won\'t connect it without seeing the COC.

Just provide a circuit breaker for it and leave it for them to do the final connection.

They would have to return to commission the unit anyway.

Nov 07 2018 09:17

There can\'t be an ESC (yet); \'cos the units haven\'t been connected.
And ESR 73A says must not be connected - by anyone - until the person connecting has
1 sighted CoC; and
2 done the other listed pre-connection checks & tests.