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Posted By Topic: Protective Earth

Nov 07 2018 20:16

Can you use a SWA of a multi core cable to supply a distribution board.
ref: ASNZS 3000:2007 and
The cable is a 4core SWA.

Nov 07 2018 21:40

Read as/nzs 3000:2007 clause

The impedance of the earth conductor needs to have the same or less impedance as the copper earth wire specified in table 5.1 or by calculation using clause

Nov 08 2018 00:11

How would the termination be done? I haven\'t ever dealt with heavy crimps but it seems to me your average crimp isn\'t going to make an impression on the steel.


Nov 08 2018 06:25

You use a purpose made gland to terminate the SWA earth connection and it also provides mechanical fixing of the whole cable to the enclosure in which the cable is terminated.

Nov 08 2018 08:12

You use an earthing tag on the gland, to take the earth conductor directly from the gland to the earth bar at each end.

Nov 08 2018 16:03

Cool. Good to know even if I\'m never touching one.

Nice website too. I see the appropriate glands -