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Posted By Topic: benchtop hob

Nov 14 2018 13:16

I am replacing an old free standing cooker with a seperate bench top hob and wall oven.The Wiring Rules allow 50% connected load.The Wall oven(3kw) has an attached flex-the Hob (7kw) has not.I intend using 4mm V105 flexfor the hob and using a standard to connect to the mains.Any thoughts please.

Nov 15 2018 12:31

"using a standard to connect to the mains"

If you connect anything to the "mains", you'll need an inspector as it will be "mains work".

How about using proper terminology, so we'll know WTF you are actually intending to do?

Nov 15 2018 14:43

I should have made myself clear.
There is an existing 30A,6mm final sub circuit available which supplied the original free standing stove.
I want to connect a benchtop hob(approx 7 kw) and a wall oven(3kw) to this final sub circuit.
What is the best method of connection?
What flexible cord is required on the hob? I am thinking 4mm,V105
The wall oven has an existing flexible cord.

Nov 15 2018 21:15

The 4mm2 V105 would be fine. Connect them all in a junction box.