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Posted By Topic: Ally pergola wiring

Nov 15 2018 16:49

Have been asked to connect hhe wiring for an already installed aluminium pergola. I was told the pergola installers installed the 1.0mm 2c+e in the frame and also installed some downlights in the frame. Downlights are poorly installed with primary insulation showing and earths not continuous. Easily fixed. Also earthing the ally would be easily fixed. When i connect to a switch on the inside of the house can i exclude the wiring inside the pergola from the coc? Is that logical with respect to the certification? Fat chance of getting a coc for the works from the installer who clearly has no liscese.

Nov 15 2018 17:47

Are you sure they're not elv fittings? I've seen a few setups like that lately

Nov 15 2018 19:30

Definitley 230V drivers behind each light

Nov 15 2018 19:34

Pretty sure you can't connect it unless you either write a COC or sight one already issued, or it was already live.

Depending on customer pricing etc, I guess you could:

* Install a new driver sized for all lights, and use existing wiring as ELV.

* Use the existing cable as a draw-wire if you're concerned about nicks etc.

* Test the hell out of it and hope.

* Refuse/report/complain.

Nov 16 2018 12:15

Change to 12 volt.


Nov 16 2018 22:09

certainly NOT lawful to connect without BOTH a CoC AND your own pre-connection checks as per ESR 73A.

So you either certify their work (if you dare); or you refuse to connect.

If the work is non-compliant, and / or was done by unlicenced person(s), lay a complaint with EWRB.
If it is electrically unsafe, lay one with ES.

There is absolutely NO point grizzling about what unlicenced people do if we're not prepared to call them on it.