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Posted By Topic: master electricians

Nov 15 2018 17:23

Good to see a new ownership is sorted . I see the forum is for NewZealand and Aussie , is that a new thing ?

Nov 20 2018 23:04

Yeah, because apparently we work under the same but different rules...???!

and now that the Masters own the site, how long do you think it will be before they start charging for it?

After all, their main motivation Is to make money.

Nov 21 2018 09:37

Utter crap! Bordering on slanderous and without any evidence whatsoever.

Their main purpose is assisting the (contracting sector of)industry.
This is clearly stated in their Rules, which - like all Incorporated societies - are available on line (via Inc Socs Registry website).

So for this forum they have a choice of whether to help entire industry, or just their own members.The ONLY value in this forum is the wide user group; especially the minority who provide valid answers. And I'd guess most forum users are not ME members.

ME already have a website for their members-only assistance, so why would they spend money on purchasing and maintaining this forum? Closing it down can't be the answer, as if they did that someone would simply start it up again.

If the idea was to make it members-only; would be cheaper & easier to include a forum into their existing website. So that can't be the answer either.

That leaves one option: keeping it open in hopes that providing a service to all might persuade some to consider joining ME - what a supermarket calls a "loss leader". A way of maybe overcoming the sort of unthinking prejudice expressed by SymonS.

Charging for use, or even placing further restrictions on users, would result in fewer people using the site. Might get rid of some of the lazy tight-wads who just can't be arsed looking at the rules; but it would piss of the rest of us as well. As a marketing tool, reducing the audience is the last thing they would want to do.

On the other hand, no point in doing the industry a favour and not telling them who did it. The only surprise is how long it took for them to out a tiny statement on the site.
Probably just not wanting to frighten people; let the dust settle after the the fuss when Ron decided to pull the plug

But for some people, the first reaction isn't "thank you for saving it" , or even "thank goodness it didn't close down"; but instead a cynical - and unthinking - negative comment.

Cards on the table: I looked at another, smaller, industry org (that I'm a member of) buying the site. Trouble was it was just too small, and the cost would have been a significant drain of members' limited money; so we didn't proceed. ME / ECANZ is much bigger, and for them the cost would be not much more than petty cash.


Nov 21 2018 10:14

Much appreciated by me , and the contributions made by the regular informed posters.

Nov 21 2018 11:58

"The ONLY value in this forum is the wide user group; especially the minority who provide valid answers"


Nov 21 2018 13:23

I would say that they have narrowed the market to NZ and AU for safety reasons. Plus the fact that people were trying to sell stuff from Bangladesh and Islamabad previously, not very helpful for the NZ/AU market!
Also SymonS Master Electricians are a not for profit organisation so not really in the money making scheme. I would say that they will use this to help improve the industry as a whole which is part of their business model.
It's good to see that someone has kept it open & hopefully will make some much needed updates to the functionality and look of the site.

Nov 21 2018 15:54

"It's good to see that someone has kept it open & hopefully will make some much needed updates to the functionality and look of the site"

+1, That would be nice, but thank you Aleck for encouraging ME to pick up the ball and run with it.

Nov 21 2018 17:17

I can't take credit for that, it was another org I was working with; and that fell through I would have suggested it to ME. But they beat me to it. I have suggested strongly that it should remain free and open; and I believe that's the most likely outcome. I've also suggested that while some improvements would be widely welcomed; too much change too soon might frighten the horses.
Time will tell.

Nov 21 2018 22:19

Indeed it will.