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Posted By Topic: Vector and ESCs

Nov 16 2018 14:36

Once again vector are demanding an esc before they will reconnect after a safety disconnect, the point of entry got destroyed, so I replaced it.
I have been advised by multiple refresher course instructors, most of whom are inspectors that the guy who connects the power supply supplies the esc, ie vector.

Once and for all, in a repair situation who does the esc?
Also with a new connect who does the esc, the electrician, the inspector or the line company doing the final connection?

Nov 16 2018 15:18

Probably you - as the "safety disconnect" (poorly worded term) would only have been a fuse removal / replacement and not PEW. Ref ESR 73A - last bit of PEW that allows current to flow.

Nov 16 2018 22:16

True the term "safety disconnect" is confusing, and should be banned. Generally just an isolation with no disconnection. And accordingly no ESC for the re-livening by the linesco.

But an ESC may be required for the work downstream of the isolation point (eg replacing a mains entry box, meter, etc); which MUST be issued by whoever connects / reconnects to supply. Doesn't matter whether the supply connected to was livened or isolated at the time the connection is made.

And Vector (or whoever) are entitled to ask for evidence that what they are about to re-liven is safe enough to be re-livened.

On the other hand, if they have actually disconnected (either A or N) then - after re-connecting - they have to issue an ESC, but as the 'person about to reconnect" MUST sight all relevant CoC(s) & RoI(s) before re-connecting.

Nov 17 2018 17:10

Thanks for the replies, It seems what i have been told will only apply in certain situations. The cross arm of the pole was snapped and they needed to replace the fuse carrier as a result, it's not a big deal just luckily I still have a couple of paper coc esc books in the car for just such things as they wouldn't accept a digital one some time ago.

Nov 17 2018 22:40

Its been my experience that Inspectors providing refresher courses are often poorly informed, and seem to rely on their own particular take as being gospel, and they are Often completely wrong !!

I always take what they say at refreshers with a grain of salt, preferring to actually read the rules myself to determine whats right or wrong.

Perhaps you could try that approach.

Nov 18 2018 11:28

I second SymonS comment I was told a t my last refresher that all metal benches should be bonded and that all PV needs inspection.