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Posted By Topic: Adding power points in kindergarten

Nov 19 2018 08:42

Hi all, i have a kindergarten with no RCD protection whatsoever.
I have been requested to add a power point in the kids play area for a fridge there is a local power circuit close by which is also feeding a couple of outlets in the kitchen and the play area.
Can i add a 10mA outlet for a fridge and advise them they have no other RCD protection?
What are my obligations?

Nov 19 2018 10:46

Obligation under ESRs:

"in a kids' play area" would be an area "primarily for purpose of teaching or caring for children", so as per [2007 +A1+A2] the new socket must have 10 mA RCD protection unless an exception applies.

Could go further, and apply [2018]; which would mean 30 mA for new subcircuit & 10 mA for new socket; again unless an Exception applies. Or, if adding to an existing subcircuit, 30 mA at origin of new cabling & 10 mA at socket.

Obligation as electrical professional:
Advise you client of current rules; and relevance of RCDs to HSW requirements.
Also check whether, as a kindergarten, any Min Ed rules apply.


Nov 19 2018 15:20

Thanks Alec, its just becoming a mine field out there these days with interpretations.


Nov 19 2018 22:12

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