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Posted By Topic: Lighting circuit cable.

Nov 19 2018 09:36

I have recently rewired some of my lighting circuits in my home with 1mm yellow-seathed three-core TPS cable. The cable has red, blue and white colored wires inside. I was wondering if this is acceptable to use or if I need to use a cable with red, black and green/yellow cores.


Nov 19 2018 10:51

3.8.1 says the colours you have used are NOT compliant for the earthing conductors.
ESR 20 says the colours you have used are electrically unsafe for neutrals in a domestic installation.

So cancel the CoC do it right, and issue a new CoC.

Or, if you are not a licenced electrical worker, ESR 57 &ECP 54 say the work you have done is non compliant. Get an Inspector to advise BEFORE doing any (more)work, and to make the connections and issue a CoC.