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Posted By Topic: Extending Lighting Circuit, RCD Required??

Nov 19 2018 18:19

Hi all

Im wondering if someone could confirm my interpretation of AS/NZS 3000 - 2007 (Alterations, additions and repairs RCD protection)

Ive recently been to a job to relocate a light switch and a socket outlet from one wall to another, to do so will require extending cables via JB or Permanent join. (so new cabling.) normally i try fit RCD's whenever posable but the switchboard is very full and will be tricky (slow) I dont want to tell customer they HAVE to fit RCD if the in fact dont actually have to.

my question is does exception 2 of above clause above allow me to relocate cables via (extending them) and not have to fit RCD for lighting circuit? socket RCD can be fitted for socket outlet..

any help or a point to a better clause will be appreciated.

Nov 19 2018 18:29

RCD not required for extension of lighting circuit.

Nov 19 2018 18:51


Dec 06 2018 22:26

Don't forget there are other reasons why an RCD could be required. For example, if the altered section of cable is constrained within 50mm of the surface.