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Posted By Topic: Caravans

Nov 20 2018 09:48

Just back from oz & have been asked to check over a caravan electrically. Can any competent electrician do this or does it need an inspector. Thanks

Nov 20 2018 09:58

If Check = EWOF, you need to be an Inspector.


Nov 28 2018 10:16

Thank you I thought that to be the case

Dec 04 2018 21:43

Depends if its a new caravan or an old one, and whether or not its for an EWOF.

The installing electrician can issue the first EWOF after the required testing. Subsequent EWOF's can only be issued by an Inspector.

If its simply an electrical check on a van with a current EWOF then theres no issue with you doing it, but you cannot extend or issue a warrant as a result.

Dec 05 2018 10:41

I might be possible for any Electrician to do a full CoC each time?

But I suspect you would be pushing the limits?

Dec 05 2018 10:53

Problem with that plan is that whuile there's nothing to prohibit the same work being certified multiple times (or by different people); a CoC is a legal declaration, and issuing one that is materially false in any way is an offence {ESR 69]. Among the requirements for issue of a Coc is that it must be issued BEFORE the work is connected to a supply (other than for testing only, as permitted by the Act). A CoC also has to include the date(s) on which the work was done; and while I suppose that could be accurate if you kept good enough records, it would provide strong evidence that connection-for-use had occurred prior to issue of a later CoC. As wood a record-of-WoEF lodged on the high risk work database.

Dec 06 2018 22:18

Please see below note from the electron.

Inspectors are also reminded that Regulation 78(2)(e) of the Electricity Safety Regulations 2010 requires all imported caravans and motorhomes to be assessed for compliance with Part 1 of AS/NZS 3000 before being issued with an EWOF in accordance with AS/NZS 3001.

My Question is. Is anyone assessing these to Part1?

Dec 07 2018 09:03

Some are (including me).

Some Inspectors choose not to; either because they don't feel competent operating under Part 1, or because they don't want to take any shortcuts and doing it properly takes time - which has to be charged for.

But unfortunately some either don't bother, or don't know enough to do it properly.
One such was recently prosecuted; which may be the trigger for the report