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Posted By Topic: Emergency Exit in Switchroom

Nov 20 2018 15:11

For an installation installed back in 2003-2004, was the requirement for an alternative emergency exit in place for a supply capacity of 800Amp or above??

Nov 20 2018 15:19

The arrangements for AS/NZS 3000:2000 and AS/NZS 3000:2007 +A1 +A2 had simular requiremets for two exits doors (well spaced apart) for large switchboards.

The main difference is that in the 2007 copy the fiquire of 800 amps was added as an aditional requirement to be consiodereda large switchboard.

Nov 20 2018 15:29

At that time the ESRs 2010 had yet to be published; we were working under the 1997 Regulations inc amendments issued in 1999 & 2002 (the 2002 amendment applied form 1/1/03).
The status of "3000" was that the 2000 edition was cited by R 69A; with some clause mandatory and the rest deemed to satisfy the requirement of R 69 that installations be electrically safe.
The particular clause for exit from switchrooms was not mandated; but unless complied with could be argued installation was not electrically safe.

The guidance was there, but was largely ignored because it wasn't specifically mandated. Can say it didn't comply with Standard, but harder to prove didn't comply with Regs.

Nov 20 2018 15:46

The specifics for exit facilites was in clause 2.9.10:
"sufficient exit facilities... to enable a person" (only one!) "to leave the vicinity of a switchboard under emergency conditions".
Further guidance said that the following was considered to satisfy the requirement:
"a) unimpeded space around switchboards" with a Note saying 0.6 m was considered suitable;
"b) one or more egress paths, particularly for large switchboards" with Note saying swbds over 3 m in length are considered to be large;
"c) openings or doorways... at least 0.75 wide by 1.98 high"

So no definite call for 2nd exit, and no tie to CCC (only to length).

So even an Inspector who was fully up with the play would have had trouble rejecting just for lack of 2nd exit.

Nov 24 2018 13:39

Thanks for the reply - so what happens when the switchboard is over 3m? Is it a definite call to have a 2nd exit??

Nov 24 2018 14:04

It is now; for either > 3m. or supply >=800 A, or pssc >=15 kA.

It wasn't then.