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Posted By Topic: Requirements & Regulations?

Nov 21 2018 21:48

Im looking into making some glass bottle table lamps for personal use and the possibilities of selling as a sideline business.
Rather than importing cord sets from overseas and having the incorrect plug/voltage etc, i was thinking of buying cord sets and lamp holders in NZ and repurposing to fit the bottle.
By doing it this way, does anyone know if there are any safety requirements or regulations that ill need to consider beforehand? If i need an SDoC then this idea is not a viable one. All wiring will be done by a certified electrician.

Check the link for more details...

Nov 21 2018 22:25

Check the Links page. You'll find links to the Act, Regulations and, if youre a registered sparky, the Standards.

All the info you need can be found there.

Nov 22 2018 18:29

This question comes up every so often.

see example link

From my understanding selling it might be a problem?

If the individual parts come with SDOCS it might also be OK?

Sell a kitset?

Nov 22 2018 18:33