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Posted By Topic: EWOF for caravans

Nov 22 2018 21:49

So I'm not yet registered as an electrician but not far off, I have been asked by a family friend if I can do an EWOF on their caravan and just wanting so information as to how and if I can go about it, I'm aware it would need to comply to 3000 and be tested to 3001, but is there anything other that I need to do as to issue one

Nov 22 2018 21:57

You need to be and Electrical Inspector unless the Caravan is a new build from my understanding.

Nov 22 2018 23:40

For a start it’s a WOEF. A Warrant of Electrical Fitness.

If it is an in service caravan you need to be an Electrical Inspector to issue a WOEF.

If you are the Electrician that wires up a new caravan you can issue the initial WOEF.
Which I personally believe is a most unsatisfactory situation. If caravans are risky enough to require an Inspector to look at them every 4 years then surely that should apply from birth. After all if the original sparky makes an error it could be 4 years before it is picked up and corrected.

So a nearly qualified electrician can’t issue a WOEF.

Nov 23 2018 07:20

Thanks wasn't quite sure on that side of it. The still need a couple bits done to the caravan anyway. So will be a bit off from needing it anyway

Nov 23 2018 17:24

The provision in ESR for the person who certifies a (complete) Connectable installation to issue first WoEF is simply a continuation of the olde system where no WoEF was required for first 4 years . The CoC was deemed to be sufficient; but it caused confusion for caravan park owners not having a "sticker" and having a different sort of paperwork.

Nov 25 2018 09:59

"If you are the Electrician that wires up a new caravan you can issue the initial WOEF. "

What is the definition of a "new caravan"?

Can a full refit be a new caravan?

Lets say I build a "new caravan" as an electrician, to sign it off what do I need and where do I get them?

Nov 25 2018 12:02

If you certify (CoC)the entire installation within the connectable installation (CI); to current requirements, then it's a new CI even if some of the fittings are second-hand.
If you refurbish as maintenance, under ESR v59(3); then it ain't new in any sense.

What you would need is the approved form & sticker; as per ESR 78.
However my understanding is that the EWRB will not supply them to anyone whose PL doesn't have an "I" in front

Nov 25 2018 13:52

Thank you AlecK

Nov 26 2018 10:34

The EWRB supplied me with 3 WOEF labels and certificates earlier this year no questions asked. All were for new CIs. I am not an inspector nor do I have an inspector endorsement on my license. I have asked inspectors in the past for WOEF labels and certificates and been given them on the proviso that they are for new CIs.

Nov 26 2018 17:28

seems they have changed their policy