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Posted By Topic: Re-connection of light fitting

Nov 23 2018 15:49

Been asked to re-connect light fitting (taken down by others) , no earth to exposed brass lamp holders as only a 2 core flex ran. I think its a home built or modified light fitting.
Obviously no Sdoc, also, is there a max weight a fitting can be, before it needs some sort of cert? This feature light must be 15 kg or more.
Where legally do i stand if I refuse to reconnect (which at the moment I have), or is the site which i can point to homeowner too?

Nov 23 2018 17:33

You can always refuse to connect, because you carry the can for everything you do connect.

Whether you're justified in doing so is a different question.

The rule requiring a PEC at every (new) lighting point is relatively recent; as compared to the age of many installations. Under previous regimes, lights that were out of arm's reach from floor / earthed fittings / etc / didn't have to be earthed.

So if this light isn't readily touchable, it may comply with the rules that were in force at the time it was installed, and you are then entitled to re-install it under ESR 59(3)(b).

Or, you can install a PEC to the light, under 59(3)(a).

You also have the option of installing an RCD to provide some additional protection. Without a PEC, doesn't meet today's requirements; but does improve safety . And was, at one time, a specifically permitted method when replacing DI lights with fittings having exposed conductive parts.