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Posted By Topic: Multi Mode Inverters

Nov 25 2018 09:20

Active/Neutral for grid input. Active/Neutral for back up.
Can we share this neutral from inverter to backup/main swboard as it only operates in 1 or either mode with its corresponding active live?

Nov 25 2018 11:59

Not quite sure what you are asking.

Are you suggesting two actives from inverter, one for each mode, and going to different places; but sharing a common N?


Nov 25 2018 13:59

Attached schematic from manufacturers instructions. Comments if this is actually compliant. Backup and Ongrid are separately switched I am suggesting they should ganged together for the common nuetral

Nov 25 2018 14:00

Sorry pic a bit grainy hopefully the website improvements will be able to handle pic over the 200k limit in future

Nov 25 2018 14:25

Sorry try this link Page 16