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Posted By Topic: COV

Nov 26 2018 10:21

Hi there, I’m currently doing work on a apartment block and the retaliers have turned off 3 out of the 6 meters. They have asked for a COV. I’ve spoken with an inspector who has said that I can sign off the COV, I found the form in the EWRB website but it states on there it must be down by an inspector. I can’t find anything in the ESR saying I need an inspector. I’ve done work there which I’ll do a COC for, none of the work is high risk. Cheers.

Nov 26 2018 13:13

The wording is incorrect. It should say "certify", not "inspect".

ESR 74 (2)(c)
But that only applies where no work has been done. If you've done work on the installation, they should accept your COC.

If no work has been done, then you should do the visual COV.

Nov 26 2018 15:54

But then you find inspectors and networks that don't know the rules properly
We just did a job on a property that had been disconneded for more than 6 months, before re liveing we installed new u/ground mains, new main earth and shifted and installed a new RCD Sw/bd inside. Yet still the inspector and also network insisted a cov was done!!!

Nov 27 2018 11:24

When so many inspectors get simple things like this so badly wrong; it's no wonder that ES are considering whether there are enough competent inspectors to carry out the purpose of having inspections.

I'd be entirely unsurprised to find some form of evidence-&-experience based ongoing professional competence become mandated. Though whether EWRB have the competence to design and administer an appropriate system is questionable