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Posted By Topic: Help me Ron-My Competency data not updated in EWRB

Nov 28 2018 07:46

I have completed the refresher course on the 27th June 2018 @ Howick RSA, with Ron Proffit . I see this info is not recorded with EWRB. 2 of my emails to Ron did not result in any response from him. I spoke to EWRB and they confirm my training details are not forwarded to them.
Ron's name is still appearing in the EWRB website as one of the training provider.
I have come to a dead end now, don't know how to proceed.
Ron, if you happen to read this, please respond.
Others, can you tell me if any of the others are in similar situation like me?
There were, I think 5 of us doing the course that night.
Cheers- wheel1

Nov 28 2018 08:10

Have you tried calling him?


Nov 28 2018 08:55

Thanks Doug. That's the number I was searching for all these time.
Just spoken to Ron few minutes ago and he promises to fix it first thing in the morning.
Thanks for your help, again.