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Posted By Topic: Can a line mechanic install a Mains Entry Box?

Nov 28 2018 17:52

I'm unsure whether a 'Distribution Line Mechanic' is able to install or replace a mains entry box on a house/building?

I've looked into the EWRBs limits of work on their website. It seems a line mechanics limited to work that forms part of the distribution infrastructure. From what I can tell from the infographic on their website, the distribution infrastructure goes right up to the 'point of attachment' or point of 'point of entry' on a building (therefore within the boundary of the installation, as it's beyond the 'point of supply').

So would this be up to and including a mains entry box? It seems right on the cusp?


Nov 28 2018 17:56

short answewr: yes

Nov 28 2018 18:14

Okay, cheers. So they would also be required to complete a COC for this piece of too?

Nov 28 2018 21:51

It's PEW on an installation; so ESC for replacing, CoC + ESC for installation