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Posted By Topic: Tile Heating In Shower

Nov 29 2018 08:01

Install alot of under tile heating in bathrooms.
Am asked regularly to install in the shower area itself which I have not done. Just wanting any feedback on the compliance associated with this if we do. It is an RCD protected IPX7 screened heating cable installed under a screed and waterproofing membrane. Is this essentially another zone? Any different to a tps cable running through the wall where the shower mixer is installed. Thanks.

Nov 29 2018 08:09

I have installed in lots of showers, always under the waterproofing, i do try to avoid it if poss, not for any electrical reason but the heat can cause the soap scum and body fat to harden up faster and stick to the tiles

Nov 29 2018 08:23

Under the tiles is not in any zone. Same with above the surface of the ceiling.

The heating elements are waterproof. There's no electrical reason why they can't be installed in the shower.

Nov 29 2018 22:34

Just as a follow up, states that heating cables are allowed to be installed.

But they aren't specifically listed on table 6.1 like they are in table 6.2 though.
Not sure why that would be.

Even for pools, below the floor level is not in any zone, the same as for showers or baths.

For heating cables around pools, Zone 0 says "not applicable" - presumably because they won't be "in" the water, rather under the floor of the pool. (out of the zone).

But in Zone 1, they are mentioned as permitted to be embedded "under the zone".


Nov 30 2018 11:26

Well spotted, DougP.
That's something that may warrant being reviewed for next edition; might result in a clarifying "Note" in both S6 for wet areas and 4.x for heating cables.