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Posted By Topic: Custom built light fitting / sign

Dec 05 2018 20:03


Is the anything to be wary of connecting custom built light / sign. Sign built in NZ by professional company. assuming they have done multiple signs.

Parts (LEDs and Driver) bought in NZ so SDOCs should be fine?

Basically its just connecting 230V to the driver and from there its led through out the sign, just curious if Im responsible for design of fitting after i sign COC?

Dec 05 2018 22:14

You can either rely on a sdoc, which is probably doesn't have. Or manufacturers instructions. Without either of these you are saying it is safe to connect to the supply

Dec 06 2018 07:25

When I asked for SDOCs for fitting of course they had no idea what one was and no other sparky ever asked for one etc etc. I can get SDOCs for parts used in fitting. Would this be enough? Am I being overly cautious? For all I know at the moment it could be a brought lighting kit. Leds and driver the sign company have stuck around the fitting.

Dec 06 2018 09:39

"light fittings" not intended for use in "domestic & similar applications" don't need SDoCs. Nor do signs, as while they are "light fittings" they are not "intended to produce light for illumination". And unlikely a sign would be intended for "domestic & similar" anyway.
But the ballasts & lamps may be required to have SDoCs. Certainly for fluo ballasts & starters.
Also for ELV txs & drivers.

To answer your questions:'
- yes SDoCs for the drivers will be enough.
But they won't provide bum-cover for the rest of the sign.
- yes you are probably being over-cautious. Most signs are fully-enclosed; so as long as any exposed conductive parts are earthed where's the safety issue? As a trained & licenced electrical worker, this is simple stuff well within your capability. Putting our tender bits on the line in making decisions about electrical safety is what we are supposed to do. It's why they pay us the big bucks ("tui"). Bum-covering paperwork, when available, is a bonus; but it should not be the first consideration.


Feb 13 2019 14:05

so the manufacturer makes the sign and sells it to the end user . What documentation is needed to come with the sign ?

Feb 13 2019 17:33

peter Feb 13 2019 14:05

Your comment 1
so the manufacturer makes the sign and sells it to the end user . What documentation is needed to come with the sign ?

My comments 1
Mechanical construction and how to mechanically mount the sign so that the building inspec tor can be assured that the sign will not fall apart or become attached from the structure on which it is mounted and hurt members of the public in the area.

Electrically very little, depends on how it is being wired by installation wiring.

If the installation wiring is directly to the LED driver no documention or if all internal wiring to ther LV input to the LED drivers the marking of A, N and E on a suitable connection block on or in the sign.

Remember the isolating switch outside the sign for isolation when working on the inside the sign.

Feb 13 2019 17:59

The last sign I saw built by a "professional company" with LED lighting in the letters of the sign, the workmanship was atrocious. Holes drilled through the metal panels hadn't been de-burred. And the LED wires running through those holes with only single insulation. The mounting of the letters wasn't much better. Rough holes, loose bolts & nuts.

I didn't say anything to the sign guy... I just told the customer I couldn't do the work for them. I could see that it wasn't very well made, and the water tightness of the letters was dubious. I could just see that it wasn't going to last.

Feb 13 2019 18:37

thanks for reply's .
So the sign isn't part of the installation so it cant come with an ESC or COC .
S Docs for the internal drivers should be supplied ? .
Or Do I just have to be satisfied that it has been manufactured by a competent person , and im satisfied with the standard of workmanship , which in Dougs example he wasn't.
The COC is for the connection to the buildings wiring.

Feb 13 2019 18:46

time to get yourself on board with the signmaker and do it for him, = job opportunity