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Posted By Topic: Who may Prescribed Electrical Work

Dec 05 2018 21:00

A guy who is an engineer (Not electrical) built and wired a tiny house and wants to get it certified.

Was he legally allowed to undertake this work, who can sign it off?

Dec 05 2018 21:16

I should add - he won't be living in it

Dec 05 2018 22:12

That's a no from me

Dec 05 2018 22:33


Dec 06 2018 08:47

I've had people in the past wanting a quote to sign of the wiring in the tiny house they are building, they did not want me to wire it they were going to do that, however they also wanted me to quote to supply fittings and cable to them, if I could do it cheaper than they could get it elsewhere, (as a perk apparently). The only exemption I know of applies to existing homes where the owner and occupier is doing the work, no access allowed into any switchboard or to live parts and the work has to be inspected by a licensed electrical inspector who will then do the required tests, livening and issue of a COC. Transportable structures are not included in this exemption.

Dec 06 2018 10:22

May the source be with you; ie read the Act & Regs.

Section 79 provides an Exemption (from requirement to be authorised in S. 74).

It does include people working on premises they "intend" to occupy as their own residence.
The work permitted is limited to that specified in ESRds; and the work must be carried out i.a.w ESRs.
It must be tested & certified i.a.w. ESRs; and then connected by that same person.
That person must hold a PL authorising them to test & certify.

ESR 57 provides the detail, including beefing up the "test / certify / connect" bit to person authorised to inspect. This Reg is where the restrictions on what sorts of PW may be done under the Exemption are listed. And it requires the work to be carried out i.a.w ECP 51; so that changes some of the rules governing details of the work, because the ECP is out of step with currently-cited version of "3000" that most PEW must comply with. However the Inspector's testing & certification must be i.a.w. Part 2 of "3000".

Nothing in either Act or ESRs excludes a connectable installation, as long as it is, or is intended to be, the owner's residence.

So - based on the statement that "he won't be living in it"- the work done is NOT in compliance with the Act; and should NOT be certified by anyone. Instead it should be reported to EWRB by whoever has the relevant info.