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Posted By Topic: Meter board

Dec 08 2018 21:00

Hi. I was wondering if it is acceptable to fit a lock to my meter box?
My meter box is outside and contains the consumer unit.
I have an alarm system that is connected to my phone by WiFi to my house broadband service.
If someone turns of the main switch my broadband will switch off. I will not receive a message from the alarm system.

Your thoughts please



Dec 08 2018 22:24

Put a battery (?12v) across your router and alarm so that even a mains drop won't stop them from working.

Dec 09 2018 07:35 : Main switches shall be readily accessible.
There's an Exception, but it requires 2 conditions to be met, one of which is that unauthorised operation may impair safety.
I don't think losing your wifi link is a safety issue; but your case would not meet (all three parts of) the other condition either.

So while it's OK to lock a meterbox, including one that has a meter isolating switch; it's not generally OK to lock the main switchboard.
A good reason not to have the main switchboard located at / within an outdoor meterbox

Dec 09 2018 08:17

As Medistat eluded too.

The security system will already have a battery and will maintain power when you lose supply.

Your WiFi system will not have this facility but if you buy the smallest UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) at a cost of about $100 then you can plug your WiFi system into the UPS tower and problem sorted (i.e. power will be maintained in the event of lose of supply).

The UPS will even offer some surge protection as an extra benefit.

Dec 09 2018 08:38

Or get a 3G cellular interface for your alarm, so it doesn't need the WiFi and Internet connection.

I've been setting up alarms on building sites with 3G modules recently. Due to the high number of break-ins & tool theft going on..