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Posted By Topic: Thermal protection in a mig welder.

Dec 08 2018 22:57

I have a Mealer mig 196 also known as FORTGPRO-FG4511 or panerise mig 195. Sold in New Zealand as the former and to quote resellers 'not a rebadged welder' for New Zealand market.These are fitted with 15Amp male plug for 240V.I'm the suspect in this crime but running an adaptor on 10Ampsocket with a wired fuse of 15Amp the first thing to stop when the unit overloaded was the 15 A protection. It melted a "circuit swap switch" between the heavy and light transformer windings. Can an electrician install some gear in the machine to create a thermal overload protection so the welder doesn't catch fire again? The arc during the failing moments was intense and I'd say more dangerous than I thought possible.


Dec 08 2018 23:42

I'm guessing it'll fail an insulation test now.