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Posted By Topic: Changeover Switch at Distribution Board (Not Mains

Dec 09 2018 12:21

Seeking Clarification. If I added a Changeover switch to a distribution board (not Mains) to feed it from a generator or inverter. Would the Earthing still come from the main switchboard when running from generator? Would I just bond the Generator and inverter to Earth Bar in the Distribution Board?

Dec 09 2018 13:09

As far as the earth goes, yes, it comes from the main switchboard.

The more complicated part is how the neutral from the main switchboard is switched, and how the generator neutral is switched and connected.

You really need to look at the requirements for connecting to a distribution board (without MEN link) in 3010:2005 which is the current version for NZ, as well as the changes in 3010:2017

Then I'm sure you'll have more questions after that.

Dec 09 2018 13:47

Ive had this scenario before, found it easier to have the generator at the Main Sw/Bd and just feed the whole submain
But have a look at the standard and the wiring diagrams, they are very comphrensive

Dec 10 2018 11:12

When "3010: 2017" is cited by ESRs - probably late next year - there will be additional complications when connecting an alternative supply at a DB.