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Posted By Topic: Portable cabin - power supply and connect

Dec 12 2018 09:05

Hey team,

Got a job for a campsite, they want a cabin permanently connected to a supply, which I said was fine, but got to site and no COC supplied for the cabin wiring and SWBD etc.
Was I right to tell them that they need and inspector as there is the COC for the cabin wiring etc

Cheers team

Dec 12 2018 10:11

Depends on how it was to be connected. Most such cabins would be on either a subcircuit or a submain with PEC. No high risk PEW, so no Inspector required.

The lack of a CoC is a concern, because - assuming the work was done in NZ - one is required. However there is NO obligation on the person who did the work to certify it. Or even to test it.
Those obligations fall on the person connecting, under ESR 73A.
Clause (1)(c) says that person must either issue, or sight, a CoC.
Clause (3)says if they didn't do (all of) the testing required by ESRs - ie, testing i.a.w AS/NZS 3000 as required by ESR 59 - they must sight test records that show it was done and what the results were.

lack of CoC doesn't prevent

Dec 12 2018 15:52

The inspection part was more thinking along the lines it being a cabin which people would be sleeping in. And since the homeowner completed the wiring, then only an inspector can sign it off.
The reason being, I cannot see how the completed wiring is behind the walls.

They are wanting it hard wired, which I would have put it on it's own sub-circuit, RCBO protected.

But obviously, under the impression an inspector can inspect and sign the cabin part off, and I would just sign COC for the connection part, once testing to confirm safety of the cabin


Dec 12 2018 20:22

OK, yes, wiring by homeowner needs to be certified and connected by an Inspector.