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Posted By Topic: bore pump wiring

Dec 12 2018 16:03

if a pump controller that feeds a bore pump has a plug on it so it just plugs into a power point does all the wiring from the controller to the bore fall under an appliance? I just turned down working on a job as the controller has a 3 pin plug on it with a flex coming out of the controller through a hole in pump shed wall then laying on the ground in long grass / tree area it then has been joined with strip connectors and insulation tape before the flex goes down the bore. The owner says a sparky did the original wiring and when I suggested its unsafe he said he would get someone else in to hook it up because it was working fine before the pump died.

Dec 12 2018 20:24

connection in middle of run of flex to an appliance is almost certainly an "electrically unsafe".
DON'T let you name be connecvt34ed with it; you only get one licence.

Dec 12 2018 21:01

So should this be reported to another or anything else that should be done? The customer suggested they might hook up the pump themselves if they couldn't get anyone else to hook it up. This pump is at a camp ground as well.

Dec 13 2018 06:52

I believe it qualifies as an "immediate danger to life or property", discovered while you were carrying out PEW.
So ESR 19 requires it to be reported to Worksafe. You can do this on line, and the form cam then be printed as a PDF for sending a copy to the owner / occupier. And keep one for yourself as well

Dec 13 2018 16:13

would putting it through to "report a cowboy" app be the same as reporting it to Worksafe?

Dec 13 2018 18:00

No. You can do both; but you MUST report tyhe unsafe situation. And unless you are pretty sure WHO did it, I suspect "report-a-cowboy isn't going to be much use.

Dec 13 2018 19:12

Hey AlecK do you know if this is the correct place to file the problem with worksafe?

or is there somewhere else on the site it should be logged?

Dec 14 2018 06:38

You need to go to the "Installation fault Notice" for.

Dec 14 2018 08:21

Unfortunately while the old Energy Safety website could be difficult to find stuff on, since being amalgamated into Worksafe's anything electrical is hopelessly lost. Even if you know exactly what you are looking for, Worksafe's search engine usually won't find it.

But some bits can still be found by using the URL:; including for reporting electrical accidents, unsafe installations, & unsafe products.


Dec 14 2018 10:11

"connection in middle of run of flex to an appliance is almost certainly an "electrically unsafe".
DON'T let you name be connecvt34ed with it; you only get one licence."

I assume ESR 2010 20 is where we find the trigger point.

Which clause would most fit the offence?

I guess the problem would be water and the tape coming off in time?

If the fitting was dry and the tape still well wrapped would this be at the "immediate danger level"?

No trying to justify the workmanship but trying to find "immediate danger level"?


Dec 14 2018 11:21

Insulation tape isn't waterproof, so you don't need to worry about it maybe coming off

Dec 14 2018 12:52

The way I look at the "report immediate danger" rule is that you can never be found wrong by over-reporting. But you could be found wrong not reporting something.

Dec 14 2018 14:56

Along similar lines. I was called to a house yesterday to disconnect a how water cylinder. The switchboard is the old type, black ACM panel attached to the wall with metal brackets and meant to have a wooden box surround to prevent access to behind the board.

The surround is missing. Painting suggests it's been like this for a long time. I've advised the owner that it must be replaced. Where would this sit on the scale of electrically unsafe through to imminent danger?

Dec 15 2018 07:22

certainly accessible primary insulation is electrically unsafe - though not listed in ESR 20(2). Whether it's "immediate danger" is less clear.
But the missing cover is also no longer compliant with original rules, so ESR 113 says the switchboard can no longer remain in service.
Then there's the panel brackets, which are accessible conductive parts but very unlikely they have been earthed.

The thing is, you can't be in trouble (with the powers that be) for reporting things. But if something goes wrong and you are found not to have reported, you could lose your licence. The customer may not like it, but they can hardly expect you to risk your licence just to save them some money.

Dec 15 2018 07:24

so which one do you report it to? The one I found under worksafe or the the one yrapasparky suggests "Installation fault Notice" under energysafety.

Dec 15 2018 07:30

Bookmark the page in case you ever need it again.

click on the relevant button; in this case probably: [Report an unsafe appliance]