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Posted By Topic: 3000:2018 E&OE

Dec 13 2018 21:35

Just wondering if this is an error?
All conductors of a submain or a final subcircuit shall be connected at the one switchboard."

As earths are not required to come from the same switchboard, should this say "All live conductors"?

Dec 14 2018 08:13

I believe this has been identified as one of a number of minor errors to be corrected in Amendment 1.
Well spotted.

Dec 14 2018 08:27

Thanks Alec. I'll have to admit that it wasn't my find.
An Australian was asking about the reason for the whole clause on another forum. And another one spotted the potential error regarding the earth conductor.

Good that at least a few of them are switched on 😉

Dec 14 2018 12:50

call it an unintended consequence. Making a rule to achieve a particular desired outcome (or prevent an undesired one) without it having unforeseen effects is hard.
You know the intent, so when you read it all you see is whether or not the intent has been put into effect. Hard for any author to recognise other ways of reading the same words.