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Posted By Topic: Certificate of Verification

Dec 19 2018 15:12

Hi there. Reg 74.1(b) says no General or High Risk PEW since last disconnection. What happens if there has been e.g new main earth installed and inspection carried out. how do you get around issuing a COV to the electricity retailer after the dwelling has been disconnected for more than 6 months and PEW has been carried out?

Dec 19 2018 16:06

ASNZS3019 Section 3 visual inspection showed that the mettalic water pipe was replaced, therefore compromising the main earthing system, so new main earth installed and inspected. Can I just note this on the COV even though it contradicts that no PEW has been carried out?

Dec 19 2018 16:17

We had a similar situation recently, my under standing was that the CoC would be enough, but we were still made to get a CoV by a Inspector(which is also incorrect as we could have done the CoV ourselves),

Dec 19 2018 16:37

This is one of several "holes" in the ESRs. by the letter of the law, if any General or High risk has been done (and certified / inspected), then ESR 74 simply does not - in fact cannot - apply. Therefore no certificate at all is required.

Because the condition in clause (1) is not met, no cert i.a.w 3019 is required.
And there is NO ESR that allows a retailer or network to demand a copy of the relevant CoC and / or RoI for whatever work was done, either. All they can do is request to "sight" CoC / RoI, as required by ESR 73A(c) & (d).

The other aspect is simply retailer / network ignorance. Back when the cert was a "certificate of verification" (CoV); it had to be issued by an Inspector. Now an electrician can do it. And it is NOT within the powers of a network or retailer to require an Inspector-issued cert. If they get a valid cert, they must accept it.

However reality is that generally they get away with their unlawful 'requirements' because it's just easier to comply than to try to educate the silly pricks.

Dec 19 2018 18:31

I have used a COC with a retailer before, for re-connection where electrical work has been done.

I made a note on the COC:-
"This certificate complies with Electrical Safety Regulations 2010, regulation 73A, for re-connection of supply".

No questions asked..

Dec 20 2018 08:45

Need to make a distinction between "connection" (including reconnection, and "re-livening". This is another important principle that some networks apparently fail to understand.

ESR 73A applies to ALL connections; of all or part of an installation and both initial connection and reconnection (regardless of period of disconnection). So Doug's approach is valid; because general PEW was done, 74 couldn't apply so no "3019 cert". But 73A required the person connecting to sight the CoC.

ESR 74 applies ONLY to reconnection, and ONLY if no general or high risk PEW has been done. And, like 73A, it applies to both entire installations and any part of an installation. However when it comes to networks / retailers we're generally only concerned with entire installations.

If the installation has simply been isolated, eg by removal of supply fuses; then there has been no "disconnection" and there is no "reconnection" to be done. So 73A does not apply, and if period of isolation is less than 6 months nor does 74. NO paperwork need be provided to network at all.

If the supply has actually been disconnected, then for periods under 6 months 73A applies, and for periods 6 months & over 74 applies as well.