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Posted By Topic: BTS costs

Dec 20 2018 15:42

Hello there,

I've had a builder ask for a BTS to be installed. This is the first one I've done.

I was originally going to construct one from scratch and send him the invoice but then thought about making it for myself and just charging it out when needed.

What does everyone charge for the supply and install of a BTS?

Dec 20 2018 16:53

As far as a buoklder's switchboard goes, probably better to just buy one off the shelf. Schneider have them, and I'm sure others do too.

A lot of "BTS" (as they are commonly known" are non-compliant; including almost all that are built inside a standard meter enclosure.
The requirements are in "3012", but most people seem to ignore them - and Inspectors let them away with it.

Installation varies from site to site; and on whether you want to supply it using cable that will later be re-purposed as mains for the building being constructed.

Strictly speaking, there's no direct requirement in ESRs for a 'BTS": to comply, the direct citation is that compliance gets to "deemed safe" [ESR 25]. However they are an installation, and ESR 59 requires compliance with "3000" and clause requires compliance with "3012".
Also ESR 75 requires 6-monthly periodic verification by an inspector i.a.w "3012" (something else that often seems not to happen). So reality is there's no point in not complying fully; and by the time you get the enclosure right probably will have cost as much as an off-shelf unit.