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Posted By Topic: issues with iconic dimmer

Dec 24 2018 22:14

i put in some iconic products today with one ambius downlight and another dimmable light bulb, theere's a two way circuit and the two way switching system doesn't operate uniformly i've been over every single wire and double checked the circuit, swapped the dimmer over in case that was misbehaving but still it doesn't behave. i'm thinking as some of the feed load and two way wiring is running together then maybe it's picking up an influence from them? anyone else had issues? i'd ring pdl help line but theyr'e at the beach at this time of the year...

Dec 24 2018 22:25

Not directly referring to Iconic... but I think there have been difficulties getting some two wire devices to operate reliably.

One of these two items might help.

Dec 25 2018 06:35

It's common to have enough capacitance in a 2-way strap wire that the system appears not to switch off reliably. Only shows up with electronic loads like CFLs & LEDs, as with resistive (incandescent / halogen) the leakage just drains away.

Dec 27 2018 10:37

Have you tried the different methods of 2 way switching? Last lot of Ambius lights we retro fitted were pulsing on the traditional strap method, changed wiring at switch and sorted.

Jan 21 2019 19:03

I have been through this a wasted heaps of time trying to solve issues with these dimmers. I like the product but learning to deal with the dimmer issues has been a nightmare.

For a 2 way, I have found that if you have 240V in the same cable as the control wire it works with a cable run up to about 8m. More than that, and the induction into the control link wire causes issues with the two way operation. The only way is to have no 240V running with the control link wire.

I have had issues with low lighting loads. Blinking when off being the more common one. Also the dimmers back light glitching. I have solved this with the correction device that Schnieder sell with some cases. Another good option which is cheaper but rather bulky is a good product from Philips called a Dimsure. Russells code 74770020.

The push switches are a complete was of time for switching LEDs that aren't dimmable. They have a soft start that cant be programmed out and it causes flicking start up issues. And they struggle with low loads. I was unable to get them to switch LED strip over splash back. I tried over sizing power supplies and tried different brands and that didn't help. I resorted to rocker switches in the end. A possible solution I thought of later would be to try a standard push dimmer and program the low dim point up high maybe.

The standard push switches don't work for fans. You need the 6amp or 10amp option.

Hope this helps

Apr 16 2019 22:35

i ended up ditching the expensive version and putting in a cheaper iconic rotary one, customer preferred the way it functioned too. was dissapointed with pdl as they didn't bother getting back to me even after following it up at least twice.