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Posted By Topic: Hob and Oven wiring

Dec 27 2018 07:52

I am an electrician but I do not work in the domestic field.

I am replacing a free standing oven with an induction cook top and wall oven.

The existing range was supplied with 32A circuit breaker and 6mm2 tps.

The cook top is rated at 7.5kw and the oven is 3Kw.

I am putting in an oven and hob switch that will be fed by the 6mm then use a 4mm and 2.5mm to go to the cook top and oven.

Is this typically how you would do an installation like this?

is it ok to use the smaller cable on a 32 amp breaker or do i need to use 6mm to go to both appliances?

Should I be upgrading the supply cable and circuit breaker to be able to carry the maximum or is it ok because it would be rare to have all elements and the oven going at once?

Thanks for any help.


Dec 27 2018 10:03

What you have described is perfectly fine.

You can rate the circuit for diversity in the appliances. C2.1, C2.5.3 and table C4 provide some guidance. I've never had a problem with an average cooktop and oven on a 32A circuit.

And the smaller cables can be used because the connected load is not capable of overloading the cable.

Dec 27 2018 10:49

Thanks for the reply and the relevant clauses Doug.