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Posted By Topic: Bathroom ceiling fan

Jan 07 2019 11:36

What options are there for wiring a ceiling fan into a lighting circuit with no earth. Other than replacing all of the lighting circuit with twin and earth will I need to wire the fan back to the circuit board (I will run the wire and an have an electrician connect). I understand you cannot tap off the earth of another circuit

Jan 07 2019 11:50

I won't be wiring fan to a circuit board :-)

Jan 07 2019 17:34

Because you are not an electrician, if you run the cables, they can't be connected by an electrician. They must be connected by an electrical inspector as an electrician can not certify an homeowners work.

To cut a long story short (as this is NOT a DIY advice forum), you would be much better off just to get an electrician to do all of the work for you.

They will also know where they can connect the earth for the fan correctly.

Jan 07 2019 18:17

Thanks DougP. I know an electrical inspector so I will ask them