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Posted By Topic: Installing fibre conduit

Jan 07 2019 13:40

Hi there,

I’m doing my first new build in a new subdivision and just had a question regarding the fibre conduit.

My understanding is all I need to install is the red underground pipe from the pillar on the street to the side of the house where it then goes into the white fibre conduit internally to my ONT point.

After driving around the subdivison though I see other sparks have installed the red fibre conduit along with installing green conduit with 2 pair underground phone cable inside and then a Cat 6 hanging out the side of the house along with the white fibre conduit.

There is fibre in the subdivision.

All I need is the red conduit in place right? It’s all been trenched in place already so just want to make sure I have done it right. Feeling confused!

Thanks for any help


Jan 07 2019 17:31

cory's have the cat6/fibre hybrid cable for the internal, go get that and install it between the outisde demarc and the ONT position. leave a good 2 or 3 meters at each end.

Jan 08 2019 09:10

There is an telecommunications industry forum which represents the all the major telecommunications providers in a published code which details the requiraments at this web address