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Posted By Topic: Moving a domestic disboard & meter

Jan 09 2019 18:21

Anyone have a rough idea how much nova (Wellington) charge to disconnect & reconnect the power for a board move

Thanks :))

Jan 11 2019 21:44

For comparison, here in Chch , Orion do it for free. It’s just part of their service , they make enough through the lines charges....

Jan 11 2019 23:43

There'll be a charge from the retailer for relocating the meters. That's usually around $130-150 and must be approved and paid by the customer. You arrange with the retailer, and they issue a service request to their contractor. That can take a week or so.

You will probably also need network consent to relocate/extend the mains - best to check with them because it varies a lot between networks.

And you'll have to pay for an inspection & ROI for the "mains work" before it will be re-livened.

As Ryanm said, most networks will do a safety disconnect for free. But that doesn't mean you just get it disconnected then do all the work and expect them to re-liven at the end of the day.
Without all the above being arranged in advance, you might end up waiting 1-2 weeks before it can be reconnected.

Jan 12 2019 14:19

Orion May remove power on request but after that is a lot more paperwork and certification to get the power on. Moving the meter and any mains work will an electrical inspection, a service request from the electrical retailer and time.

I don’t think Ryanm’s comment is quite the full answer.