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Posted By Topic: wall fan weatherproof cowl

Jan 09 2019 19:02

Just a question I have a wall fan that is to high to get to without scaffolding from outside. Its a wall fan with a Manrose weatherproof cowl with the flap that bangs in the wind, customer wants flap gone but still wants something there to stop birds etc getting in to nest, does anyone have good suggestions that could be mounted from the inside of the duct in the wall. I thought of using some chicken mesh or similar stuffed in the duct but was hoping for some better ideas that have worked for others.

Jan 09 2019 19:54

The Manrose cowl nowadays comes complete with chicken mesh as well as the flap. I have seen some installations where they have ditched the mesh and just used the flap.

Jan 09 2019 21:24

The flay option still bangs in the wind.
You would have to use a weatherproof cowl like these.

But they can only be fitted from the outside.

And removing the flappy grills should only be done from the outside anyway.

There are inline backdraught shutters that can be installed from inside. I'm not sure that they would stop the flaps from banging though, because they open in the same direction anyway.

Jan 09 2019 22:07

If you can reach the flaps from inside through the duct why not just apply some foam tape to them and stop them banging in the wind?