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Posted By Topic: fuse replacement

Jan 10 2019 12:42

Had a query last week
Client wants to change the fuse for his stove(32a) for a plug in mcb of the same size.Can he plug the mcb into the porclein base or is a new plastic base for the mcb required

Jan 10 2019 13:11

Once upon a time when you purchased a plug in mcb it came with a little plastic widget that fitted into most porcelain fuse bases. This shrouded the live terminals so that when the mcb was removed there was no olive but of metal waiting for unsuspecting fingers.

I would replace the base as well to avoid the exposed live terminal when the breaker is removed.

Jan 10 2019 13:15

It is likely that the current 30 amp rewireable phyiscal size will NOT be able to have the current removable fuse bridge removed and then to simply fit a plug-in MCB unit in the existing fuse base.

In most cases it will be necessary to change the existing fuse base for a plastic base designed to fit the new plug-in MCB unit.

The plug-in MCB unit is usually smaller than the old 30 amp rewireable fuse fitting, so you dont have to look for extra room to do the change.