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Posted By Topic: competency course

Jan 11 2019 12:46

Hi there,is Ron still doing these courses still, if anybody knows.

Jan 15 2019 11:00

Yes I am hopping Ron will be doing them again around June have his number will call him when closer to see

Feb 28 2019 12:36

Hi there, so its the 1st of March tmrw and my license expires in June, are you still doing the courses Ron?.Do I need to find someone else?If Ron doesn't reply does anyone know whats going on? Thanks.

Feb 28 2019 14:03

For those who haven't been following, Ron no longer runs this site.
According to EWRB list of course providers, Ron is still approved to run courses.

(Though the competency course page here doesn't seem to have anything available)

Feb 28 2019 18:51

Your licence expires in June, but your competency course may still be valid before you apply for your new one?

Feb 28 2019 20:11

Shuffleboy yes that is true, the EWRB emailed me when mine was due for renewal and gave me a date to apply before that would mean my last competency course was still valid.

Mar 01 2019 13:51

Hi All,
Yes I am working through this. Setting up venues is a bit of a hassle and the new 3000 is giving me a few headaches but I expect to have the first couple of dates set up next week.
Ron Proffit

Mar 01 2019 16:22

Thanks Ron.

Mar 02 2019 20:54

Thanks Ron, mine is due in June also. Comes around quickly, doesn't it?

Mar 05 2019 19:28

Dont forget your e Learning modules and the certificate...

What a complete load of twaddle that is!

A five year old kid could work his way through that, and get a certificate.

Can someone please explain to me the point of that garbage?

Mar 06 2019 08:17

My understanding, after attending one o0f the Board's "meet-&-greet" breakfasts, is that the point is to ensure that attendees at courses have a basic understanding of the system; so they don't hold everyone else up with silly questions. That is supposed to let the trainers get on with passing on useful info to improve our competence.

Whether it works as intended may be another story

Mar 06 2019 18:03

Hi All,
My first 2 courses re open for registration now . Others will follow as required.
Please note that all attendees wil now be required to attend a online pre-course and pass a written test and a practical test.
these are set by the Board. In the event of a fail you will get a further chance then reference to the board. It should be stressed that this does not meen a loss of licence but the board may set some conditions.

Mar 06 2019 20:23

I just made a complaint direct to Skills in reference to their apprentice was showing me the substandard material and even some of the answers were incorrect. It actually looked like a child had put it together.

Mar 07 2019 12:43

the board has issued to training providers a library of questions for each type of licence they issue. The provider can select the questions to be set and design thierexam accordingly. //////emphasis will be placed on the understanding of what test results mean. ie Not just good enough to know what the minimum insulation resistance number is, but what it means.

Mar 08 2019 11:02

Hi Ron, I see your 2 courses are full already. If you are arranging more could we have one in west Auckland for us Westies?

Mar 08 2019 13:22

And another one northshore
Is the theory exam we have to do multiguess

Mar 09 2019 10:54

This will be the second year the theory exam has been used, it is constructed from a question pool supplied by the EWRB and is separate for Inspectors, Electricians, and Appliance Technician, so separate paper, it is a multi choice 10 question paper which is open book, 100% pass mark is required by the board.

Mar 09 2019 19:04

100% Pass required by the Board !!! Yet only a 60% pass is enough for registration !!

What a crock of shit !

Some of the muppets that get let loose with a ticket these days can barely tie their own shoelaces !

Mar 10 2019 11:27

The theory exam are based around safe working practices and safety, a vital part of carrying out Prescribed electrical work, there shouldn't be any question in the theory exam that hasn't be covered and discussed in the course presentation,and as i say open book.

Mar 11 2019 22:49

In my experience with these 'Safety' courses, every presenter tries to deliver their own particular interpretation of the rules, and are quite often completely incorrect.

For instance, the last one i went too the presenter vigorously insisted that everyone 'had' to have a multi-function tester because RCD ramp and trip times 'had' to be tested, and results recorded, in new installations.

That was two years ago, but even the new standard doesnt say that, and when I asked him what rule actually states that, he got defensive and shitty. Think he must have been working for Fluke.

Never been to one yet that has had any consistency to it. Or any value !


Mar 12 2019 08:39

Like all old fogies still in the game, I've been to a lot of "competency" courses since they were introduced; and like SymonS, I've often found the presenters wanting in one way or another.
But I've never resented being there or felt I got no value from attending the course. If an "incorrect" interpretation is presented, it can be - politely - challenged. That gives everyone there the chance to think about it, and refer to the actual rule.

Mar 12 2019 13:50

Hi All,
Good to note that Alec is now an old fogie, I know the feeling.
Unfotunately the booking system has been hacked ans down at the moment. when repaired I will set new dates and come back.

Mar 12 2019 16:39

Just to be clear, I've never attended Ron's course, so have no basis to judge either the material or the presenter. I understand the biscuits are highly rated by some.

Mar 12 2019 17:07

Hi Ron is your first course Northcote actually full or has this been hacked as that date worked well for me

Mar 15 2019 13:23

Hi Tommy,
I have been intending to carry on with that one but the hacking thing is taking a while to sort and time is running short. I may postpone yet. I also like to thank MasterElectricians IT people for thier efforts on this.

Mar 19 2019 15:19

Hi there,are you guys getting a confirmation after enrolling?

Mar 20 2019 18:24

Haven’t had conformation email either but Ron is onto it am sure it will come next few days

Apr 02 2019 14:39

Hi signed up for a course a few weeks ago haven’t had a conformation email yet assume courses going ahead
And do we need to do some paper work online before attending course


Apr 10 2019 19:37

Same here, I'm booked in for the 16th but did not get anything yet about this pre-course requirement. Is it normal or does something need chasing up?

Apr 10 2019 19:58

You have to do the e-learning modules, and probably print out the results..

I have no idea why you have't received a conformation though. You should probably follow up with him directly.

Apr 12 2019 16:07

That e-learning really is BS.

Apr 23 2019 09:33

Hi All

3 New courses are now up on the Competency Course Page.



May 03 2019 17:35

The refresher course at ETCO is called the Master Electricians competency course?
Is ME who runs it?

May 06 2019 08:43

Master Electricians own ETCO so could be they developed it and gave it to them. They also own this site now.