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Posted By Topic: Sauna Install

Jan 14 2019 22:07

Hi guys,

I have a small sauna to install in a gym. I have a shroud supplied by the manufacturer to cover the cable going into the sauna, can I use tps through this shroud and into the unit, or is there a special type of cable for sauna installs?

Is there anything else I should be especially aware of?


Jan 14 2019 23:05

You have to use high temperature cable. 170deg or higher.
There is silicone flex rated at 180deg which is what I'm using for one soon...

What did they provide to protect the cable? The installer of the one I'm doing isn't very forthcoming with information.

Jan 15 2019 07:27

Great, thanks. This might be a silly question, but there's a light inside, can I put that on the same isolator switch with the sauna?

Jan 15 2019 17:42

The one I'm doing, the lights and the controls etc all come pre-wired.

Plug and play from the heater unit I think.

Jan 15 2019 20:20

What I'm wondering is whether there is anything in the regulations preventing me from running the light on the same circuit with the sauna, if the cable and light are adequately rated.

Jan 16 2019 11:11

There are some particular requirements for saunas in 6.5 of "3000"