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Posted By Topic: Electrical Forum Update

Jan 17 2019 12:03

HI All,
Shortly there will be a poll appear with 4 Yes/No questions to answer that will directly affect the update for the page.
Please take the 2 minutes to complete this. It is completely anonymous. Please remember to only answer once. The results will be available to you once you have answered.
This poll will run until the end of February. There may be more after that.
If you have any ideas for updates please do not hesitate to comment on this post with them, we can then turn these into questions for the other members.
Thanks Forum Admin

Jan 17 2019 12:36

Presumably this is about whole package replacement ... to something full of tracking scripts.


Jan 17 2019 15:14

evanh Lighten Up! They want the users input into making the site better, they aren’t asking for your personal details and finger print!
Master Electricians have done nothing but maintain a site that the trade clearly uses to help others in the trade. I’m pretty sure they would just make the changes if they wanted to annoy you!

Jan 17 2019 18:20

Site needs a Favicon. (Something other than Ron's face please).

Maybe we should run a competition. Winner gets a years free membership.

Jan 17 2019 18:47

Here's one for free

Jan 18 2019 11:52

If it is a full replacement they're thinking about, then it's not a light matter.

So far though, having a title of just "update" makes the question rather iffy.


Jan 18 2019 12:06

PS: The survey isn't likely to be particularly valid. Ging by my experience I presume it is relying on cookies alone.

While cookies are great for managing a single session, they aren't reliable for anything beyond that. And browsers should never have supported anything beyond that either.


Jan 18 2019 12:41

evanh Thanks for the feedback and wanting clarification on what we intend to do.
The update would be an upgrade to the functionality and look of the entire site. However we are committed to leaving the site anonymous and free for all users.
The survey is so we can include the upgrades that he majority of the users want, if there is a resounding no to a question then we would not include it simple as that.
Hope this clears your concerns.

Jan 18 2019 18:37

Changes & having a full-time moderator will probably mean that a membership fee will be charged for the site - please keep this in mind when answering questions.

I thought the only good one that won’t require much work was the notification option.

Jan 18 2019 18:40

Haha...i should’ve read all the posts first - just saw the post from admin that says they intend to keep site free.

This probably would’ve affected my responses but then again ‘intend’ doesn’t necessarily mean much.

Jan 18 2019 19:43

Thanks for the info.
Btw, I've voted four times now: vote#20,21,22,27. #27 was to see how quickly voting is occurring.


Jan 18 2019 21:02

My opinion is that there aren't really enough questions to make much difference. Plus, there's no "other" option, or place to make comments. So I guess we'll just need to continue to post suggestions in here :)

Today's suggestion.
.. get a better search function. Most people have said they don't want topics/categories.. but if the search function isn't improved, then we will (I will) just be continuing to use Google to search the site.

And as far as the moderation goes, that's all very well for monitoring posts and deleting spam, but there also needs to be a web administrator actively administering the site.
I've emailed Ron a couple of times about a few bugs with some of the page code which would take 5 minutes to fix. But nothing was ever done.

Jan 19 2019 09:40

I would like the forum to be only for those in the game, not for those home owners/DIY's that are wanting to find out how to do it via the forum which is essentially shooting ourselves in the foot if we respond.
Most responses from the forum generally seem to lean toward "get an electrician" but enquiries from outside the industry do clutter up the forum.

If we can filter out those type of queries we would have a more pertinent forum for our reference.

Just my thoughts.

Jan 19 2019 10:13

Why not involve the guys who have been on this forum the longest and answered more question than most with great answers
e.g Sarjmajor, AlecK, DougP etc and get there suggestions and recommendations.
I myself, would not like too see these guys, or anyone, to leave this forum as it would be a grave lost.
This is a community forum and everyone helps everyone out, there are some key contributors that keep this forum great with people always coming back to learn something new.

Jan 19 2019 11:05

codaxx well said this forum is great and would be a big loss if it went

Jan 19 2019 11:13

yrapasparky, it's hardly cluttered and it's a simple matter if you don't like posts don't read them. if they are from homeowners it's ok to see how some are thinking, most get put in their place by people who know how to do the job, the alternative is they seek whoever they want and there's definetly no guarantee that that person knows their stuff. additionally if someone doubts the sparky they've employed has done a decent job then this is a great place for them to cross reference things.

Jan 19 2019 19:50

Personally I'm appreciative of Master Electricians stepping in to keep this site running. And people seem to have forgotten that this site used to have advertisements down the left hand side of the page. Would loath to have pop ups and 5 minute adverts appear but a small discrete picture of a company offering decent discounts on say test equipment or the like wouldn't be objected to.

Jan 19 2019 22:27

I have experience as a forum moderator elsewhere and would be willing to throw in some time if necessary, particularly around spam. Can't promise too much though.

We seem to be a fairly sensible community; there isn't too much of the raving fanboyism other communities can have.

Jan 20 2019 08:23

According to previous posts like "Btw, I've voted four times now:" the survey is available somewhere. However I can't see any directions to it. Is it available only to Master Electrician members?

Jan 20 2019 09:14

Had me puzzled too Madza, it's a red button at the top of the list of threads with Have Your Say, may not work if you are running AdBlock. Disable AB for these pages and you should be good to go.

Making posts editable would be helpful

Jan 20 2019 09:45

Thanks Steve, that worked! Have posted reply number 58. I agree, being able to edit your own posts and add decent photos is extremely useful.

Jan 20 2019 22:24

Pretty lame set of questions really. Not really of any benefit to anyone.

Didnt bother answering them at all.

Jan 21 2019 08:34

Took me a while to spot the extra red button too.
And I agree the first round of questions isn't earth-shattering.But i see no reason for pessimism in that. just the fact the new owners are trying to get some feedback is a positive.
Nor do I think the possibility of multi-voting automatically makes the survey invalid. Getting it completely one-vote per user with no chance of vote=tempering is difficult - which is why we don't have electronic voting for general elections. And I can't see low- level multi-voting, such as "evanh" just making his point, is likely to seriously upset the result.

But I do think Yes / No answers are a very blunt instrument. In fact for this first? (I assume) set of questions, my preferred answers really should have been some form of "maybe"; which requires a form of answer that indicates how much you want something.Just as important is WHY people want one thing or the other.

I have a bit of a wish-list of how I'd like to see the Forum be developed / improved; but
I realise others may well disagree. Would be a shame to crowd this thread discussions of multiple topics; So I'll post some ideas here later, in hope the owners are following; and also start a separate new thread for each.

Jan 25 2019 10:51

Hi All
Thanks for the feed back, we will run a few more of the polls with a different structure and spaces for you to enter your own comments. We will let the current one run a little longer for the lest frequent users to be able to have a say.
We already have some great suggestions from you all on here and we will include as many of them as we can in the next round of questions.

Jan 30 2019 13:02

I'd love a wiki

Stops having to repeat the same answer over and over.

Somebody asks a question then just link to the wiki answer.

Jan 30 2019 21:54

That'd work for me as well.

I constantly find it unbelievable the number of questions asked that can be answered just by simply reading the book !