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Posted By Topic: Cooktop over oven installation

Jan 20 2019 18:28

Hi there,

Just wondering if there is anything specific you need to do when installing a cooktop over a wall oven.

Do you need to add any further protection to the cable running to the cooktop as it will be above the oven? Or is it unlikely the outside of the oven will get hot enough to damage the cable?

Just seeing how other people do them.


Jan 23 2019 13:40

Check the manufacturers instructions for minimum clearance under the unit. I have seen many a cooktop installed with draws directly under them that don't meet the manufacturers requirements

Jan 23 2019 14:03

Yes check the instructions for ventilation and wiring requirements. I have seen some that specify V105 cable to the cooktop.

4mm2 V105 flex would be suitable. Then connect to your TPS installation wiring with a junction box.