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Posted By Topic: Led down lights with built in flex lead

Jan 22 2019 19:06

I went to see a alarm in a house and found a electrician recently installed downlights in the house.Led downlights with prewired leads.The electrician just connected the tps cable and the led wire coming out of the fitting in a strip connector.I believe he should have joined the cables inside a junction box.Instead he just taped the strip connector and left it in ceiling every led light fitting he did.

Is it normal

Jan 22 2019 20:15

Are the LEDs operating at 230 V AC OR ELV which could be AC or DC?

If operating at ELV the Wiring rules are not so detailed.

Jan 22 2019 23:13


Jan 23 2019 08:24

ESR 59 requires both LV & ELV parts of installations to comply7 with "3000".
And while clause 7.5 deals specifically with ELV, that doesn't mean the rest doesn't aply to ELV. As stated in 7.5.1 (bold typeface, so a fundamental rule) clause 7.5 deals with basic & fault protection at ELV; and as 7.5.2 the special / different requirements of 7.5 replace or modify requirements of other Sections.
So unless a rule in 7.5 over-rides; the rest of the book still applies, in full, to ELV.

Long story short; Doug P is correct.

Jan 23 2019 16:53

Yes it is 230volt ac led light fitting

Jan 26 2019 10:35

Clearly a cowboy.

Jan 26 2019 13:27

Did you site a CoC with the electricians registration number for the PEW?