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Posted By Topic: Freestanding oven - replacing old with new

Jan 25 2019 12:41

Hey guys
Getting your opinions on how you looks at free standing oven replacements?

I always assumed that if you put in a similar model with similar specs that it would be classed as a repair, therefore, not needing a plug and socket if hard wired already (ECP 113).

Further thinking, the applaince is new, not a repair, so maybe latest regs and standards come into play e.g plug n socket 4.7.2.
The again, 4.7.1 says you can no longer have a switch where you have to reach over an open cooking surface so if updating to the latest standards, I would need to move the switch as well?
Opinions please

Jan 25 2019 12:58

The requirement for having a socket is not tied to the appliance / equipment; it's tied to the final subcircuit.
If you alter the final subcircuit, eg to relocate the range, then the requirement applies.

What replacing the range amounts to is maintaining the installation, as against adding to it or altering it. So ESR 59(3) applies, and under that you can maintain in / restore to original condition. Which in this case is a hard-wired range. Even if you chose the "i.a.w. 3000" option, the Standard allows repair using original methods [1.9.3].


Jan 25 2019 13:34

Cheers AlecK,
That was my thinking as well

Thanks again for verifying