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Posted By Topic: Oven switch prohibited location

Jan 25 2019 15:11

Hi all. I will be replacing the oven and hob in a 70's house. Currently the switch is mounted 300mm on the wall above the hob. Was this legal at the apporx time of install and if so okay to remain in service? I'm aware currently Figure 4.17 shows this as a prohibited location.

Jan 25 2019 15:15

Very similar thread just before this re switch location. If i read that correctly i'm not modifying the sub circuit so can remain in service?

Jan 25 2019 16:52

Yes, was OK back in the late 1970's & 1980's.
Recollection says we used to use either a switch or a socket (for new); and certainly placing behind & above range was usual. 1976 Regs [R 106] had a Note advising either enough length on cable to move range 1m, or use a plug & socket. All old ranges had switches, then for a while it was either switch or socket. Not sure when socket became mandatory; 'cos my '76 book doesn't have any Amendments. But 1993 regs, R68, required both switch & socket unless the range was fixed in position. And at that stage it had to be an "isolation" switch - though the term wasn't defined, and what we used to use wouldn't qualify as such today.