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Posted By Topic: Grease on conductors?

Jan 31 2019 17:09

Just replaced a power point at my house and the live and neutral conductors have like a green grease on them? I cut them back but it was still going up the insulation.

Can anyone tell me what this is from? Is it something that people used to do a few years back?

Here's a couple of photos that may help

Jan 31 2019 19:09

Perfectly normal "green slime'; being a product of aging in older PVC-insulated Cu cables.
Generally harmless, though messy. But if it dribbles into a modern micro-gap switch module you may have to replace the module. forming a drip-loop prevents that.

Relevant info used to be on General Cables website; may be something on Nexans'

Feb 01 2019 06:31

Thanks AlecK