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Posted By Topic: commercial power points

Feb 01 2019 12:19

Hi there,we are installing some Infinities in a boiler room, in a motel complex.I assume I can install power points without an RCD, as I guess it is a commercial situation?

Feb 01 2019 12:44

AS/NZS 3000 (c)(ii)

Where additional protection is required.................

(ii) residential areas of other electrical installations (see Note below); or

NOTE: Residential areas of other electrical installations include residential
institutions, hotels, boarding houses, hospitals, accommodation houses, motels,
hostels and the like.


Feb 01 2019 13:38

might have to hardwire then,thanks.

Feb 01 2019 13:39

Which means the motel units / hotel rooms / & simuilar need RCDs but the parts people don't live in don't.

Compare 2018 edition; where 1.4.55 defines "residential installation"

Feb 01 2019 20:11

At first read I came to the same conclusion as Michael.

Lucky I made a quote instead of a opinion :)

Thanks Aleck