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Posted By Topic: EWRB Electrical Theory Online Exam NZ

Feb 02 2019 13:38

Anyone know what i need to study for to sit the new Theory online exam? i heard that what not to study is the past theory exam as it is completely different questions.

Feb 02 2019 16:06

The old exam papers are of NO use for revision for the on-line theory exam.

The EWRB can only ask questions within the teching guidelines for the level of registration that you are being examined in (a copy of this is on the EWRB website), If any questions are outside these published guidelines you have a perfect cause to object using the examination complaints process as is outside the EWRB requirments for training providers (Polytechs etc)to teach exam candidates too.

Feb 02 2019 22:19

So it's all changed now. About 1000 questions and you'll get like 90 at random.

Feb 03 2019 00:03

I was one of the first to to do the electronic EI exam in November.
Having read a lot of the paper exams from the previous years beforehand, all of the 90 questions in the new exam were rewritten. The multi part questions, where previously were worth up to 10 marks are gone, there were quite a few 3 part/3 mark questions that required all parts to be correct to get the 3 marks (No part marks).

All I can suggest is to study and practice the paper exams. (theory is theory after all)

On a side note, I preferred doing this exam as opposed to the older ones, and I had my result the same day.

Also, watch the instructional videos on the Aspeq website.

Feb 03 2019 16:08

Thanks for the info.

Feb 04 2019 12:42

I also sat the electronic EI exam in November and feel it has quite some room for improvement. Virtually all the questions were from the Regulations and AS/NZS 3000. there were very few, if any, questions from any of the other main standards normally associated with the role of an EI. I felt there were far too many single mark questions that were very similar and I take issue with the multimark questions that were all or nothing. Obviously it was the first time the exam was run but other than getting your result within about 15 minutes I have nothing much positive to say about it.

I would love to see an examiners report as I belive the exam will have a very low pass rate.