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Posted By Topic: Solar Provisional

Feb 05 2019 11:46

Hi all,
I have a situation where I'm relocating a meter to the outside of a house and into a meter box.

The meter box is convenient to the site of a new garage which will potentially have a PV array on top.

It seems like it may be convenient to create a 'Central Supply' at the meter-box position as a future proofing for the garage/solar installation.

Unfortunately, I'm not so familiar with solar systems and my concern would be fitting the hardware into the meter-box along with the meter etc. It may not be worth the trouble, considering the Switchboard inside the house is only around 15m further from the meter-box.

I'm assuming some of the solar gear e.g Envoy system and PV array sub-board would be fine to be installed remotely in the (future) garage.

Appreciate any thoughts on the practicalities.

With thanks!

Feb 05 2019 15:57

In general it is the best engineering practice to connect the grid-connect inverter which controls the importing and exporting of electrical energy (the key electronic device of ALL PV systems) to the main switchboard.

The PV array, batteries (if fitted) load and mains input are in general directly connected to the grid connect-inverter.

A garage can be a suitable location for the batteries (if fitted), but it depends on the battery chemistry being used.